Sermon, Jan. 13 – Appropriate Rejoicing

Appropriate Rejoicing (Philippians 4:4)

What happens to you is not nearly as important as how you perceive what happens to you.

Perspective: a point of view; a way of thinking about something.
Wise perspective: Thinking about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way.
Biblical perspective: Looking at things through God’s eyes, and His point of view.

Pretense——————-survive and thrive—————loss of hope

How do we get from where we are currently to the place where we can authentically rejoice, and can survive and thrive in our life story even when we’re experiencing things that are disappointing?
(1) Be authentic.
(2) I would encourage you to talk through your pain, your disappointment with someone.
(3) Pursue appropriate rejoicing.

God is still God.
There is still hope.
We still matter to Him.
The Holy Spirit still lives in us.

(4) Gain confidence in sharing those God sightings
We’ve come now to the second decision I’m asking you to make for 2019.
Choose to maintain perspective by doing appropriate rejoicing reminding yourself of God’s active presence in any challenging or disappointing situation you’re experiencing.

Your response:
I rejoice even….   I rejoice though….