Sermon, Feb. 3 – Esther (Series-Esther)

Esther (Esther 2,3,4)

A “shadow mission” is embracing a secondary mission, a diversion of our time, energy and efforts into a pursuit of things that are unworthy, meaningless, or even dark. (John Ortberg)

What’s the position to which God has called you? (sphere of influence)

What are the resources you bring to that position?

What is your current season of life?                                                                                                Barbara Williams-Skinner “It’s not your fault, but it’s your time.”

Here is your mission for this week: Three days of fasting and prayer

1. Seek out God’s mission for this season of life for you.

2. Pray for College Park to embrace its true mission and not fall to a shadow mission.

Today we’re focusing on how to figure out what that specific calling/mission is that God has for us in our current season of life.