Sermon, Feb. 17 – When the Roll Is Called Down Here

When the Roll Is Called Down Here (Romans 16)

Pastor Gary Dilley closes out his time at College Park with these words.

Our memories are wrapped up in names. It’s not just a list for Paul in this chapter. It’s so much more than a list. These are people he has done life with.

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Who comes to mind when you say those words? Write a name. Then write another name, and another name, and another.)

What do I do with this, Gary?

  1. Contact the people on your roll call.
  2. Review.
  3. Pursue.
  4. Keep.

But we also celebrate what we have here in this thing called “church”. A place where we can develop traveling companions, people we can share life with…. People who will end up on our roll call…..