Questions? How Then Should I Live? – Sermon Sept. 9

How Then Should I Live?    Ecclesiastes 9:7–10

The beginning of chapter 9 speaks to a certainty we all face. We will all die. The fact that we will die should affect the way we live. So Solomon reminds us that…

1. Life is uncertain, so make the most of it. (9:7-10).

Party while you can(9:7-8).
Therefore, “have a blast while you last.”

Enjoy your spouse while you can(9:9).

Do your work while you can(9:10).

On a slightly different level, Jesus has given us another kind of good work to do—the work of his kingdom. We should do this work as well as we can, for as long as we can because our days are numbered.

2. Be thankful for things large and small. (Ecclesiastes 9:7-9).

3. If you’re going to do something, do it now.

My goal is to die young at a very old age, absorbed in Christ and absorbed in others.
Most people will go the grave with a lot of good intentions.