Questions? Can I Take My Faith to the Job Site – Sermon Sept. 2

Can I Take My Faith to the Job Site?

The effective evangelist is “Overwhelmed by the impact of God in his life” and “Respectful of another person’s journey”. (Michael Simpson in his book, Permission Evangelism)

Let’s see what we can learn about sharing our faith at work by looking at two brief passages from the New Testament.

1. The quality of our work gets people’s attention. (1 Thessalonians  4:11–12).

2. Be ready and able to respond to your co-workers. (1 Peter 3:15–16).

Five things  (Randy Kilgore of Marketplace Network)

First: “I wish my Christian co-workers … knew more about their faith—what they believe and why.”
Second: “I wish my Christian co-workers … had more hope in hard times.”
Third: “I wish my Christian co-workers … were more curious about the hard questions of life, so that when asked those questions, they would already have answers.”
Fourth: “I wish my Christian co-workers … behaved more honorably.”
Fifth: “I wish my Christian co-workers … were more compassionate.”