College Parks Core Values

Core Values

Connect people to God, others, ministry, and the world.

Our CP Vision is a vision for discipleship…

As we seek to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), we define discipleship at CP as someone who is connected to:
-God: enjoys a growing relationship with Jesus [Mt 22:37; Acts 2:42]
-others: lives in biblical community [Hebrews 10:25; Acts 2:46]
-ministry: serves the body of Christ [I Peter 4:10; Acts 2:45]
-the world: joins Jesus on His mission [Mt 13:31-32; Acts 2:47]

Our CP Vision is a process…

While, we want to be a church that is deeply connected to God, others, ministry, and the world – we realize that spiritual transformation is a process God initiates, continues, and completes [II Cor. 3:18; I Cor. 3:9; Rom. 8:29]. Therefore, we partner with God in moving people through our discipleship process by helping them take their next steps.

Connect to God: Weekend worship services

To help people connect deeply to God, we offer worship services with engaging worship and biblical teaching.

Connect to Others: Life groups

To place people in the context of biblical community, we offer life groups for study, prayer, care, and mission.

Connect to Ministry: Volunteer teams

So that people may utilize their spiritual gifts and enjoy God working through them to serve others, we offer volunteer opportunities to serve the body of Christ and the community.

Connect to the World: Missional Living

We join God on his mission of bringing people to Himself. We ask people to engage the world personally (invest and invite), locally, and globally (global missions). We prepare people for effective missional living through Journey Groups.