As with many churches, College Park has utilized the envelope system for many years.  Each person or family is annually provided a box of uniquely-numbered envelopes, with which you can give your offering in the offering plate each week.  If you would like envelopes, please stop by our Welcome Center or make a note in the registration pad during the service.  Or you can always email our office at

More and more, we are responding to our members’ desires to offer other conduits for giving, as follows.

  • Online Banking:  Most banks have a website which allows you to make a one-time or recurring payment.  The check gets mailed to College Park from your bank.  Just make sure your name and designated use for the amount(s) is communicated clearly. Set up College Park so that the check goes to: College Park Church; 1945 College Avenue; Huntington, IN 46750.
  • Paypal:  You may make a gift to College Park via your Paypal account, or with most debit or credit cards, even if you do not have a Paypal account.  Use the button shown to make a one-time gift.

    • You can also set up one-time payments to College Park church by logging into your Paypal account, select the “Send Money” tab, make the payment to, and enter the amount you want.  On the next page there is an option to add a special message where you indicate any designated use, such as $100 to budget, $100 to Building Fund, etc. Then click the ‘send money’ button.
    • As Paypal tithing becomes more popular, we plan to add more options for selecting amounts and designating funds through the Paypal button.
  • Text Giving: Follow the link for instructions on how to use text giving.


Designating the Use

Like many churches and non-profits, we will use your gift as you request.  Our finances are divided among several buckets or funds such as Operations (Budget), Building, Youth, Benevolence, Missions as well as short-term projects like a capital project or a Christmas Gift for the church staff. Simply designate how you would like the gift to be used.  Undesignated gifts are routed to the budget.