Fresh Hope meets March 24

Fresh Hope’s next meeting is Mar 24 we are changing the time to 6:30-8pm. You can pick up schedules and topics on Welcome Center this Sunday (March 17). Childcare will be provided if needed. Please contact Vickie Gayed at 260-224-1531 if you need childcare.

Two different groups will meet. One will be Transformed Minds (for those dealing with mental and emotional challenges) and the other is Transformed Families (for those who love and care for those dealing with these challenges). Transformed Groups are designed to provide a supportive environment to help individuals hold one another up, but primarily to give each person practical skills and tools to understand how to move ahead with their lives, as well as supporting and caring for those they love.

If you can’t attend every session, do not let that stop you from participating when you can! For more information, contact Vickie Gayed at 260-224-1531.