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CAM@CPUB is a group of college students and college-age people who want to deepen their relationships with God, with each other, and with the church. We eat together and have meaty discussions about important topics guided by God’s Word. We recognize our need for a more intentional commitment to the local church, so we seek ways to be involved in various College Park ministries and to serve the greater Huntington community. Currently, we meet over lunch right after the second service in the Youth Room below the worship center. Topics and interests may change over time, but we are united in our love for God, his Word, and his body.



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College Age Ministry News

College Age Ministry will resume this Sunday, January 12, after the second service. We will meet over lunch to view and discuss God’s Crime Scene part 5:  “Our Experience of Consciousness: Are We More Than Matter?” Join us for a meaty meal and substantive conversation about this key piece of evidence supporting God’s existence and handiwork in the …

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College Age News

CAM@CPUB will view and discuss the third God’s Crime Scene video this Sunday (Nov. 24) over lunch. The topic will be “The Origin of Life: Does the Text Require an Author?” Please join us for fellowship and a lively discussion, regardless of whether you’ve been able to do so before. We will take a break the …

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College Age Group

College-age group investigates “God’s Crime Scene” at College Park Church Is there enough evidence to convince a cold-case homicide detective that God exists? College-Age Ministries at College Park UB Church (CAM@CPUB) begins a series this Sunday by J. Warner Wallace (the atheist-detective-turned-Christian-apologist), exploring 8 major lines of evidence for God found in the universe. Join …

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