Childcare Need (Celebrate Recovery)

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in biblical truth to find recovery from hurts and habits and pain that are keeping us from moving forward in life.
Our localĀ Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday from 7-9pm at New Hope UB Church on Engle St andĀ is in need of volunteers to provide child care, especially this Thursday night, Feb. 27. From the start, College Park agreed to sponsor the meetings on the 4th Thursday each month by providing worship, childcare, and other support and we would like to honor that commitment we made to the group.
Due to the lack of child care for several weeks now (not just from CP), some of the regular attendees with children stopped coming. They want to rebuild the service of providing child care, to allow everyone to attend. They are in need of child care volunteers every week right now, and a child care volunteer coordinator. If you can help at any time, but especially this week, please contact Karen Bennett or the church office

Thanks for your consideration