Vital Signs – Relational Health (Sermon Sept. 10)

Vital Signs – Relational Health (Colossians 3:12-14)

Relationships are the stuff of life. Whether you look to secular research or biblical truth (Ecclesiastes 4), joy over time does not come from wealth, success or achievement, but from the presence of people in your life.

Let’s look at some relational vital signs from Colossians that will give us some feedback, and help us assess how we’re doing relationally.

1. Compassion.

When people interact with you, do they sense that they are a ___________ to you, or ____________ by you.

2.  Kindness.

Are you able to stop ____________ about your life long enough to be ___________ in and speak in to someone else’s life?

3. Humility.

As we grow in ________________, our capacity for _______________ grows.

4. Gentleness.  (John 5)

5. Patience.

Patience is the ___________ dimension of relational health.

6. Forgiveness.

Some prescriptions:

  1. Join us for the Relationship ReStart sermon series starting September 24th.
  2. Note the four-week elective, The Crazy Cycle In Marriage, also starts September 24th.
  3. Consider trying out a group experience at CP. Make up your own group! We’ll help you. Contact Pastor Mark Vincenti for more information.
  4. Ask someone this week who knows you well how you’re doing relationally with these vital signs.
  5. For one day, pay attention to the proportion of positive to negative interactions you have with others. Reflect and pray about what you observe, and ask God for help in specific areas where you need to be more positive and less critical.