The “Abiding” Experiment – Sermon Dec. 31

As we approach the New Year, have you thought about doing an assessment of your soul?

The “Abiding” Experiment  (John 15:4-9)

Change is possible for the good if we cooperate with God. So what does cooperation with God look like? We see the answer in a repeated word in John 15:4-9. R____________

Change comes from doing what a branch is supposed to do, stay ____________. When we do so, we….

I’d like us to do this week an Experiment in Abiding. What does “staying connected” look like in the various aspects of our lives?

Starting the day

Going through the day

Ending the day.

This is not rocket science. This is relationship.

Let’s begin the “Abiding Experiment” together.
1. Lets start with assessment.
2. Keep connected.
3. Plan some practices that will enhance our abiding. (Immerse Bible)