Stuff God Is Doing – Sermon July 9

Stuff God Is Doing

This year celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of our denomination – the Church of the United Brethren in Christ!
This week, ministers and delegates from all over the U.S. will gather for our national conference where we will celebrate God’s work over the past 2 and 1/2 centuries and spend time articulating our historic position on issues regarding human sexuality.
The report of the United Brethren Human Sexuality Task Force can be found at this address. You can also find it by visiting Click on the header, “NC 2017” then scroll down to “human sexuality task force”
Please pray for the following this week:
Praise God for being a good and caring Creator and designer of humans.  Praise Him for His good works!
Thanksgiving: Thank God for bringing together Boehm and Otterbein in that barn 250 years ago.  Thank Him for our denomination’s enduring commitment to share the gospel with lost people. Thank Him for His work in our young people  this summer with 13 recommitments, 2 baptisms, and 1 salvation!
Clarity: Pray that all who gather at National Conference 2017 will have clarity of mind to understand the proposals, and to understand the will of God as we gather and discuss important issues.
Purity: Pray that all who gather will have purity of heart before the Lord, to hear from Him, and to speak as He prompts.
Unity: Pray that our pastors and delegates will be unified by the Holy Spirit.  Pray for a spirit of humility among participants and that love and trust for one another will pervade the conference. Pray that we land together in agreement with discipline additions and amendments that need to be made during the conference.