Led By the Spirit (Holy Spirit Series) – Sermon Feb. 11

Led By the Spirit (Romans 8:14, Acts 19-21)

Let’s consider for a few moments how the Holy Spirit leads us. We’re going to look at some episodes in the life of the apostle Paul in the Book of Acts.

Lessons from Acts:

Acts 19:21, Acts 20:22-24

Four factors that help us discern and sort things out:
The Scriptures, the leadings of the Holy Spirit; the wise counsel of Christian friends and family; and the alignment of circumstances.

How do we know the difference between a leading from the Holy Spirit and just our own thoughts or our own ideas or maybe even our own preferences? Paul faced this confusion as we move on in this story (Acts 21:4-16)

So, what do we do when there seems to be contradictory guidance coming from different voices/or from the four factors?
Principle 1: Make sure that you’re clear on what Scripture says in any decision that you’re facing.
Principle 2: Circumstances are helpful in our deliberations, but as we’ve seen, sometimes we can read too much into circumstances or respond inappropriately to our circumstances.
Principle 3: The best counsel when the factors seem to contradict themselves is to slow down.

Sometimes there may not be a clear-cut answer because he’s just giving us the freedom to make a good choice. You make the call.

A key takeaway:
Move away from the mindset of: “God, would you bless what I’m already planning to do?” And move to the mindset of “God, please speak into what you want me to do?”)