Gifted By the Spirit – Perspective (Holy Spirit Series) Sermon Jan. 28

Week 3 of our “May the Force Be with You – Ministry of the Holy Spirit” focuses on Gifted by the Spirit

Perspective   (2 Cor. 1:3-7)

Paul teaches us in these initial verses that we need to gain a new perspective concerning trouble.

Trouble broadens the boundaries of your ministry, both your ministry involvement and ministry influence. (vv. 3-4).

Let’s apply this.
1. I urge you this day to humbly receive God’s comfort and compassion.
2. I urge you to appropriately acknowledge, “I’ve had trouble.”
Why have I your pastor brought some of my challenges to your attention?
(1.) So that you could hear the honest acknowledgement that we all have ___________.
(2.) So I could put out there that there are some things I’ve experienced and I’d be glad to _______ with you if you’re on that same _________.
a. Sharing with others I’ve had this __________.
b. Watch for divine ____________.
c. Let me know your ______________.
d. Consider initiating a ministry that helps bring compassion and comfort to those who are facing a specific form of ___________.