Dinner and Pie Auction for Laurel Mission

The Pulled Pork Dinner and Pie Auction is scheduled to take place in the Family Life Center on August 26th. We will be joyfully accepting pie donations for the Pie Auction the morning of the 26th or earlier to make it easy to meet your schedule.

There will be a silent pie auction taking place during second service for the first service folks, and the very non-silent pie auction taking place after second service. All proceeds of both pie auctions go to fund Laurel Mission projects supporting the people in the Laurel Mission area, the dark side of the mountain they like to say.

The Adult Laurel Mission Team will meet in the church library on August 8th at 7:00 pm to discuss the trip and the upcoming Pulled Pork Dinner and Pie Auction. If you haven’t committed to going yet and would like to come to this meeting to get more information please join us.