Purpose Statement- “The purpose of College Park Church is to make disciples who love and obey God, love and serve others and become disciple makers.”

It’s our desire to help build a strong faith walk into the lives of College Park people providing them the foundation for impacting and investing in others. You can only pass on to others what you have! It is our desire that each individual at College Park will be Loving, Growing, and Serving.

LOVING God and those around us- We come together each week as people of varying ages and backgrounds to praise God in a worship gathering and to express our love to the one “who first loved us.” As we love God in an ever deeper way, that will reverberate out in our relationships with each other. We were created to love each other from the heart – celebrating our victories together, carrying one another’s burdens, sharing our possessions, and encouraging one another toward love and good deeds.

- We believe every person needs a life changing relationship with Jesus that brings forgiveness of sin, a redeemed life, and hope for the future. But that’s not the end of the journey! Through teaching, prayer and personal time with God, we continue our journey growing in character, and likeness to Christ. As we interact with other believers in large group settings, smaller group settings, and individually, it spurs us on to further growth.

SERVING- Jesus came to this earth and gave people a “taste” of what heaven was like through his loving service. We believe that the Church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves people inside and outside the church. Finding out how you can impact other people and doing it regularly is one of the greatest thrills in life. May Jesus’ prayer come true through us: that the Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven!

Who We Are- College Park Church is a part of the United Brethren Denomination. Please click the link to view our doctrinal beliefs. http://ub.org/about/doctrinal-beliefs/ or download the pdf here.

Partnerships- College Park has the privilege of having close ties with Huntington University. College Park and Huntington University are located across the street from each other and share many values. During the school year many students and professors call College Park Church their home. Click on the link to find out more about Huntington University http://huntington.edu/