Connect with World – Missional Living Updates

Laurel Mission works with families in southwestern Kentucky whose lives were changed forever by the closing of the coal mines. College Park sends an adult team each year partnering with Laurel Mission to reach out to the community on “the dark side of the mountain”. The dates for this year are September 13-16. Information is available through Tom Bennett,Jason Koons or the church office. Please submit a $50 deposit to reserve your spot on the trip as soon as possible.

The Pulled Pork Dinner and Pie Auction is scheduled to take place in the Family Life Center on August 26. We will be joyfully accepting pie donations for the Pie Auction the morning of the 26th or earlier to make it easy to meet your schedule. There will be a silent pie auction taking place during second service for the first service folks, and the very non-silent pie auction taking place after second service. All proceeds of both pie auctions go to fund Laurel Mission projects supporting the people in the Laurel Mission area, the dark side of the mountain they like to say.

Lebanon Trip report – On Sunday morning, August 26 at 9:45, CP individuals who were involved in this summer team’s work in the refugee camps and in Beirut will be sharing in Room 202.
City Wide Prayer Walk, This Saturday, August 25, 9am. Participants may walk, bike, or drive a 5 mile loop beginning and ending at Parkview YMCA in Huntington. There will be different prayer sites along the route with instructions for specific prayer needs for our community. We hope you can join us!  For those driving maps and handouts will be provided.

Cross America is located in Kokomo, Indiana and was started when Terry Harrell was challenged by God to get the gospel into every home in the USA. This means getting the gospel into 114,000,000 homes and 44,000 zip codes. Volunteers are need to sponsor a zip code. Individuals from College Park Church have accepted the challenge for the 46750 zip code which has 11,407 homes and will cost $4,905 to send to every home. Please pray for this project and give as God enables you.
See for more information or contact the church office.