The Story – Sermon Series “The Rest of the Story” (Sermon Jan. 31)

The Story

The Story starts with an audio from Francis Chan

How would you describe the Bible to someone?

First and foremost it is a ________. It starts with “in the beginning” and finishes with “when time shall be no more”.

The N.T. scholar, Tom (N.T.) Wright, says it is helpful to think about the story of the Bible like a play. It has a beginning and an end, it has a plot line, and you can divide it into five acts.

Act one: Creation Genesis 1–2.

Act two: the Fall Genesis 3-11.

Act three: the chosen nation of Israel

God chose to use people from this little country of Israel to rescue the world. He gives them an identity as his chosen people, and a way of life. This has led to a lot of confusion for people of our day when they read books like Leviticus. They wonder, What’s the deal with all the strange laws and regulations in the Old Testament?

Three categories:

  1.  __________ laws.
  2. __________ laws.
  3. __________ laws.

 Both Testaments are primarily concerned with the human __________.

Act four: the life and ministry of Jesus  (Luke 24:27)

Act five: the church

Our current story on earth is preparing us for eternity.

Assignment for next week: Read Genesis 1-2


Healing? For Me!? (Sermon Jan. 24)

Healing? For Me!?  (James 5:13-16)

  1. James’ teaching has several implications.
    James assumes that every Christ follower who receives his teaching is an active part of a ______ _______ ________ who does life together.

2. The person who is distressed should have enough _________ to believe that when they do call the elders of the church and they do begin to pray for God’s intervention in their life, that God may do a _______________.

3. We are taught how to pray.

a. When you’re concerned about someone, express your deepest __________ ______________ to God.

b. Be mindful of the follow-up prayer.

Here are some personal comments to two groups of people.

  1. We should always ask.
  2. Sometimes the ____________ doesn’t come.  (2 Corinthians 12)

Next steps:

What’s It All About? (Sermon Jan 17)

What’s It All About?

Matthew 4:19, Matthew 28:18-20

College Park Church Mission Statement:

“College Park Church exists to M__________  D__________Who love and obey God, love and serve others and become D_________ M___________.”




Caught in the Tailwind of the Wild Goose (Sermon Jan. 10)

Did you know that ancient Celtics Christians likened the Holy Spirit to a wild goose, which cannot be tracked nor tamed? Today, Rev. Todd Fetters shares with us about the unpredictable, spirit-guided ministry journeys of the Apostle Paul.

Caught in the Tailwind of the Wild Goose

John 3:8 & Acts 28:23-31


Questions…Questions (Sermon Jan. 3)


  1. People say all religions lead to God. Is that true?

How can we reconcile believing Jesus is the only way to God and be accepting, tolerant, and respectful of other people’s beliefs about the path to God?

    2. Questions about choice: If God knows the future, do I have a choice?

Let’s now factor in God’s sovereignty. If God is an all-powerful God and rules over all, what is the relationship between human being’s choices and God’s sovereignty?

Finally, why doesn’t God intervene when I need him?

What are we afraid of?

  1. God is out to control ___________.
  2. Is God really in ____________?