All By Myself – Sermon Series – The Rest of the Story (Aug. 14)

All By Myself   (1 Kings 18-19)

What does a prophet do?

Foretelling –

Forth telling –

Elijah’s story

What is God’s prescription in these times?

Renewal us physically

Renew us spiritually

Renew our perspective

What is God whispering to you?


Torn In Two – Sermon Series – The Rest of the Story (July 17)

Torn In Two  (1 Kings 12)

If you’re a movie critic, you have six common categories that show up in all good stories.

  1. Setting: the places or the circumstances in which the story takes place.
  2. Characters. Who are the main characters?
  3. Point of view. From whose point of view is the story being told?
  4. Plot. A conflict arising in the story.
  5. Resolution. The resolution of the conflict can be good or bad.
  6. Theme. What is the subject of the movie? What do we learn?

Let’s review a biblical drama, using these same categories.

The setting.

The characters.



The point of view.
The plot.  (1 Kings 12:1-15a)
The resolution.  1 Kings 12:16-17, 20, 24)
The resolution of this conflict is a ____________ kingdom.
The theme. What is the theme of this story?

We make ______________ and those _____________ turn around and make us.

The stakes go up when you are an _______________ because everyone under us is affected by the results of our ________________.

If I am the instigator of poor _______________, I must _________________

If I am the recipient of poor _______________, I must __________________

What does this story mean to my life right now?