Climb A Tree (Sermon August 23)

Climb A Tree  (Scripture Luke 19:1-10)

Key Characters:

  1. Zacchaeus
  2. Crowd
  3. Jesus

Jesus met people in the Gospels, he would ask them, “What do you want me to do for you?”

If He were to ask you about your deepest desire, how would you answer?


Developing Your Patience (1st Service Sermon Aug. 9)

Developing Your Patience
Wrestling with the “joy” of developing patience in our lives.

What will it take to see more patient people around College Park?

1. We’ll see a more patient congregation when we look at things from other people’s point of view.

2. We’ll see a more patient congregation when we learn what it means to wait.

How will I know whether I’m really making progress?

A Tune Up for Your Family Part 2 (2nd service Aug. 9)

A few weeks ago, Pastor Gary taught on characteristics of healthy families in the 8:30 service, but the 11:00 service missed it. In this recording, we’ll consider how God wants to help us toward healthy families.

Characteristics of healthy family:

Healthy families:

1. Arise out of healthy marriages

2. Have the final goal in mind.

3. Appreciate the uniqueness of each member

4. Do not expect perfection from each other.