Seasons of the Soul – Sermon Series – Rest of the Story (Sept. 18)

Seasons of the Soul (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)


Seasons of the soul:
1. Fall is a time of ________________

2. Winter is a time of _________________

3. Spring is a time of ______ _________________

4. Summer is a time of _______________________
Remember, the Book of Ecclesiastes is about finding meaning and purpose in your life. It’s about finding ongoing satisfaction in the midst of all the changing seasons.
Follow up questions and applications:
What season are you in?
What is God wanting to teach you during the season you are in?
What do you need to move on from?

The Great Risk – Sermon Series – The Rest of the Story (Sept. 11)

The Great Risk  (Ecclesiastes 2:4-11, John 13)

John 13:

How do I find a blessed, satisfied, purposeful life?
A couple observations:
1. First, Jesus says, “I am asking for my followers to live beyond themselves.
2. Those who live beyond themselves will receive God’s sovereign blessing and favor; a sense of satisfaction and meaning.

Our motto: Walk into a room and look for “foot washing” opportunities.

Do we believe that?

The alternative: Solomon’s quest in Ecclesiastes 1,2.
So the reasonable question coming out of this: Is it possible that the created being should look to the creator for his/her purpose in life, and why we’re here? What exactly is God up to?

Our response?

Some steps:
Serve the ______________ of God with all your heart this year.
Love people ___________ and selflessly.
Listen to _____________ as God guides you in the various parts of your life.
Display Christian _____________ even when no one is looking.
Walk into a room and look for “foot washing” opportunities.

Pursuing Our Higher Calling – Sermon Series – The Rest of the Story (Sept. 4)

Pursuing Our Higher Calling   (Ecclesiastes 3:13; Micah 6:8)

A second enemy of the soul is a ___________ perspective on ______________.

Work is a __________________   (Ecclesiastes 3:13).

We must look at _________________ in a different way. We leave behind us a wake that consists of two things: ________________ and ________________.

If we want to leave an impact on our surroundings, we must pursue the three steps of Micah 6:8.
1. Walk humbly

2. Act justly

3. Love mercy.

What are my next steps?

A Time to Laugh – Sermon Series – The Rest of the Story (Aug. 28)

A Time to Laugh (Ecclesiastes 9:7-10, 3:4)

Here is the key truth for Ecclesiastes: God _____________ the heart.

An enemy of the soul: An ______________ life

What are some of the principles seen in this passage to have a balanced life?

1. Build some celebration into your life. (9:7-8)

2. Enjoy the relationships he’s given us. (9:9)

3. Number your days (9:10)