Better Together (Sermon Nov. 15)

Better Together   (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and Matthew 18:20)

Many trees, One Root.  A timely message on community from Rev. Roger Vezeau


Just Do It (Sermon Nov. 8)

Just Do It   (James 1:22-25)

James gives us two reasons that “just listening” to the Word of God can be hazardous to our spiritual health.

1. Listening, all by itself, can lead you to self-deception.

“Do not merely listen to the Word and so deceive yourselves.”

2. We have to realize that listening by itself does not necessarily lead to life change.

As we engage with Scripture:

1. Study (v. 25)
2. Stay at it  (v. 25)

Application means I am now daily dealing with how to live out this truth. Application is meant to lead to a change in my life patterns, thought processes, decisions, and pursuits.

3. Seek action

Is there an example for me to follow?
Is there a sin for me to confess?
Is there a promise for me to claim in this passage?
Is there a condition for me to meet?
Is there a verse for me to memorize in this passage?
Is there a trap spoken of in this passage that God wants me to avoid in my life?
Is there a challenge that God wants me to face courageously?

Jesus Misquoted (Sermon Oct. 11)

Jesus Misquoted  Key Biblical Text:  Matthew 7:1-5 with Pastor Mark Vincenti

J_______ n_____ lest ye be j__________.

What does this mean in our culture today? What did Jesus really mean? 1.  Jesus is calling us to H___________ 2.  Jesus is warning against H__________

5 Key “C’s” for Action: 1. C__________

  1. Have C__________
  2. Be C__________
  3. Have C__________
  4. Have C__________

“Speak the T_____ in L_______”

  1. All ________ and no __________
  2. All _______ and no _________

As you look at the 5 C’s, most of us lean heavy on one and we’re far too light on another.

What do Jesus’ words mean to you today?

What is His Spirit stirring in you?

Do you need to confess something?

Do you need to ask for more boldness?

Do you want to ask God’s Spirit to just help you live out these 5 C’s?


A True Story (Sermon Nov. 1)

Dr. Tavis Derico shares with us “A True Story”

Does It Matter What You Believe? (Sermon Oct. 25)

Does It Matter What You Believe?  Let’s listen to what the Word has to say about this subject.