Back to Basics : Believe (Sermon Jan. 18)

Back to the Basics:   Believe   (Romans 3:21-26)




My response:




Back to the Basics – Follow (Sermon Jan. 11)

Pastor Gary starts the new year with the sermon series Back to the Basics.

This week’s subject is Follow  (Matthew 9:9-13)

All In In 2015 (Sermon Jan. 4)

Pastor Roger Vezeau offers a challenge to us in the new year.

All in in 2015  ( Romans 12:1-2)

Paul’s precursor to his challenge: We offer ourselves to God

1.  Because of His _______________

2.  As a ________________  ________________

3.  All ______  __________

4. Through _________________ and ____________________

My prayer response:


Preparing for Christmas – What Now? (Sermon Dec. 28)

What Now?  (Matthew 25:1-13)

Things this parable is teaching us:

1.Make sure you’re prepared for when the bridegroom comes.

2.There are wise ways to handle your life, and there are foolish ways.

3.I am responsible to God for my life.

4.It is possible to wait until it is too late.



Do you have any unfinished business that you haven’t got around to yet?


Preparing for Christmas – It’s Dark Out There (Sermon Dec. 21)

Preparing For Christmas  - It’s Dark Out There  (Isaiah 8:21-9:2)


May the light of God’s grace invade this season. May God bring you unexpected joy, even in the middle of the mess. May you emerge from this dark tunnel through which you are traveling into a season of God’s grace in your life. May God restore your laughter. May your season of confusion be followed by a season of clarity. I ask our gracious God to remind you that darkness will not be the final word of your story, and that the light of God will invade your darkness.





Be light carriers in God’s behalf