A Beautiful Mind (Sept. 14)

A Beautiful Mind (Romans 8:5-8)

Let’s make some observations from what we see in Romans about the mind and how the Spirit intersects with our lives there.

First observation: Your mind is constantly at work.

Second observation: There are certain things about you (your character, your personality, etc.) that affect how you process your thoughts.

Third observation: Every thought has the power to move me into the flow and influence of the Holy Spirit or to close me off from it. (vv. 5-8)

Fourth observation: The natural tendency of the mind set apart from God is towards death, not life. (v. 7)

Fifth observation: The gift of the Holy Spirit means you can choose what thoughts you will listen to. (vv. 5-6)




Jump In (Sept. 7)

Pastor Gary continues the sermon series Life Skills this week with Jump IN

(John 7:37-39)

“The gap” Jesus’ invitation in John 7 What do people do when they want things to be different?

1. They try ___________.

2. They __________ it.

3. They change _____________.

What if Jesus was right! Our life could be different. A key command for today: Don’t quench the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

So what are my next steps?

1. Jump

2. Learn

For this week: What are the things that I tend to do that remove me from the flow of his guidance and power?

What are the things that I do (can do) that place me in the middle of the flow of his guidance and power?

Work Wisely (Aug. 31)

On this Labor Day weekend, Pastor Gary talks to us on how our work here on earth is a calling from God.


God’s wisdom must be applied with the various questions that arise concerning the workplace:


But the biggest question of all: Will you accept your calling for this time?


College Park – Party of Three (Aug. 24)

This week as we continue in our summer series Life Skills, Pastor Gary’s speaks to us about the Trinity.

Party of Three  (John 14:8-17)

Who is this God we worship and follow? And what do we believe about him? And what has he revealed to us about himself?

Today, we want to take a few minutes and consider the Trinity. Let’s do so by asking two questions:

1. What is the Trinity?

Let’s use four words to help us with this:

1.                         2.                          3.                        4.

2. Why does the Trinity matter?

College Park – Near and Far (Aug. 24)

We continue our summer sermon series Life Skills. This week we take a look the opportunities we have to get involved in missions near and far!

Near and Far – what can you do?  Examples include:

Jerusalem – reaching out to those nearby who are like us.

Get acquainted with our community, its needs and groups working with those needs. We’ll seek to keep you informed with what’s happening in the Huntington area.

Take a first step of involvement. Volunteer, share your finances, pray.

Watch the bulletin for volunteer opportunities.

Judeareaching out to those who are culturally like us, but at a further distance.

Consider involvement in a trip to Laurel Mission or helping in the work of a Camp Cotubic.

Buy a pie to raise funds for Laurel Mission community projects.

Help a church plant in another area.

Samariareaching out to those who live close enough to us to minister to, but have a different cultural and religious background.

Take a class about building bridges to other groups and faiths in our community. The Disciples SS class will be hosting a class called Bridges in October. It will be led by Eldon Claassen from International House in Fort Wayne. International House is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization committed to sharing the love and light of Jesus Christ with refugees and other Internationals living in the Fort Wayne area.

Interact with the world as it comes to Huntington and northeast Indiana, such as the Chinese teachers coming to HU for the TESOL class.

Go with us on a visit to a mosque in Fort Wayne or Detroit.

Ends of the earthreaching out to those far away from us in distance and culture.

Get acquainted with what’s happening in the world.

Take a family mission trip (Sign up to get more information in the FLC today!)

Get involved in partnering with a person or family who serves cross-culturally.

Writing, praying, investing