Relationships: Setting Boundaries (Sermon Feb. 22)

Setting Boundaries  (Matthew 5:33-37)

There are two little words that are probably the most important words in your vocabulary.    __________ and  ___________.

They need to line up with your _______ and ________ in life.

A boundary is kind of a personal property line that marks me off as an individual.

What are a couple of boundary problems people have?



How might we know that we have boundary problems in relationships?

Some possible questions that might arise:

How might setting boundaries help you fulfill your purpose in life?  Why can setting boundaries actually feel liberating?

On the other hand, what might a life without boundaries look like?

What are examples of boundaries a person may have to set in relationships?

What is the danger in not setting boundaries in relationships?

How do you say no to your friends/significant others?

What are the risks you’ll have to take to develop meaningful relationships?

Relationships: Staying Friends (Sermon Feb. 15)

This is part two of Pastor Gary’s sermon series “Relationships.” We all develop friendships at periodic times. What will it take for us to “stay friends”? The biggest obstacle to staying friends may surprise you.

Staying Friends (Various scriptures, John 21)

A story of two friends

What are some of the reasons behind friendships fading away?







  1. We’re ___________ or can’t ___________ through relational _____________. (John 21)

Some possible questions:

  1. What makes rebuilding __________ so difficult?
  2. What are some of the steps to _____________ and rebuilding __________?
  3. Is there a difference between _______________ and reconciliation?
  4. What if it’s hard for me to receive _______________ or to _______ myself?


Relationships: Staying in Love (Sermon Feb. 8)

Pastor Gary is starting a new series on Relationships Sunday, and will begin with “Staying In Love”. It’s easy to fall in love. That only requires a pulse. Staying in love is a whole different story. That requires a plan!

Staying in Love  (Philippians 2:3-8)

“Is it even possible for two people to fall in love and stay in love for a lifetime?”

John 13:34

Love is a _______________

Philippians 2:3-8

Love revolves around what we ____________

Jesus chose a ___________________ with us over getting what he _____________.

Are you willing to follow that model in your marriage?


Back to Basics: Obey (Sermon Jan. 25)

Week one of Back to Basics was Follow: Week two was Believe. This week Pastor Gary concludes this series with Obey.

Our sermon text is from Matthew 7:24-29


Back to Basics : Believe (Sermon Jan. 18)

Back to the Basics:   Believe   (Romans 3:21-26)




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