New Online Giving Option

Online Giving?
Recently Scott La Mar introduced the congregation to our new TEXT GIVING. Text Giving is a powerful tool for our congregation to be able to give to the church quickly and securely. It is as simple as texting 260-296-2899.
Instructions on how to start and use the TEXT GIVING are available at the Welcome Center and here! Try it out today! Questions? Contact Scott La Mar at 260-557-7248, Matt Wilcox at 260-359-2325 or Trent Lehman at 260-388-9360.

Adult Mission Trip Opportunity

Connect to the World – Missional Living

Laurel Mission works with families in southwestern Kentucky whose lives were changed forever by the closing of the coal mines. College Park sends an adult team each year partnering with Laurel Mission to reach out to the community on “the dark side of the mountain”. The dates for this year are September 13-16. Information is available through the church office. Please submit a $50 deposit to reserve your spot on the trip as soon as possible.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Huntington will begin weekly gatherings on August 23rd and each following Thursday night. More details will be coming soon, but we want you to know that College Park plans to fill volunteer needs every fifth Thursday. The volunteer needs will include worship leading, greeters and hospitality, refreshments, and people who will pray during the evening’s activities. If you’re sensing a prompting that you would desire to serve in one of these ways blessing the people of Huntington County, let Pastor Gary know.

RightNow Ministries

If you already have online access to RightNow Ministries, you automatically have access to the newly released library for kids! If you have not checked out the RightNow Ministries website – it is a great resource for personal devotionals and group or personal Bible study along with their new kids resource library. If you would like to start using Rightnow Ministries resources, just email your request to and we will get you set up. Just provide the email address you wish to use for your user ID. Take advantage of this free, great resource provided to you by CP!

Connecting with Ministry – Series: Connection – Sermon May 13

Team CP (Acts 6:1-7)

The Problem
A Note:
When criticism comes, we need to listen, see if there is any truth in it, acknowledge when the criticism is justified, learn from that truth, commit the matter to God, make appropriate adjustments, handle things differently in the future, and seek to move forward.

The Solution      A new way of doing ministry.

Our goals:
We want you to be acquainted with opportunities for kingdom service.
We want you to know we are open to God inspired dreams that you have of making a difference in other people’s lives.
We want you to be able to try things without feeling like you are making a 20-year commitment.
We want you to be able to bow out gracefully if a ministry is not for you.
We want you to have people you can talk to about ministry opportunities and ideas.
We want you to say yes to God for ministry, not to someone twisting your arm.
We want to train you to minister effectively.
We want you to know the fulfillment of seeing lives changed because of your involvement.