Sunday School elective/Genesis and Creation

A Sunday School elective led by Dr. Raymie Porter will lay out the different perspectives people believe about Genesis, creation, and the origin of life.  He will explore the pros and cons of those perspectives, with the desire to assist you to be informed and to think wisely about these critical issues.  We’ll also suggest some books that you may want to read.  The class will begin March 6th in Room 204.

RightNow Ministries

If you already have online access to RightNow Ministries, you automatically have access to the newly released library for kids! If you have not checked out the RightNow Ministries website – it is a great resource for personal devotionals and group or personal Bible study along with their new kids resource library. If you would like to start using Rightnow Ministries resources, just email your request to and we will get you set up. Just provide the email address you wish to use for your user ID. Take advantage of this free, great resource provided to you by CP!