Becoming Family (Series- Generations) – Sermon Feb. 18

Today’s sermon “Becoming Family” is the Week One of our new sermon series “Generations”

Today I want to walk through the three critical moments in the history of the family.

1. The first critical moment came back before time when God decided, I am going to create the family.

In this decision, we see the bottom line truth of the universe. God desires  for us to be in family relationship with Him.

2. Then comes the second critical moment in the history of family. Fall of the family. It was a not so good moment when the first husband and the first wife of the first family disobey God for the first time and commit the first sin.

Every family deals with sin and family challenges. No one is exempt.

3. Jesus is starting a new family. This is the third critical moment in the history of the family. Jesus is starting a new family and He is saying, All human beings who will love and relate to Me can be a part of My family as well, and that means they will become brothers and sisters with each other and even though they will come from all kinds of backgrounds, situations, ethnic diversity, they will become family committed to each other spiritually and relationally.