All By My Selfie (Series Part 1-Following Jesus In A Smart Phone World) Sermon June 11

All By My Selfie – Psalm 139

Technology has brought a great deal of blessing to our lives.

Technology can be disruptive to our lives, our brains and our relationships.
It can be ______________.
It can cause _______________ with others.

If I’m going to connect with God, sometimes, I have to ________________ from technology.    (Psalm 46:10)

Possible applications:

  1. Declare a tech _____________.
  2. Spend some ______________________ time in relationships.
  3. Start your day with _________, and end your day with ___________.
  4. Read a book together.

12 “potential” ways that your phone habits may be changing you—and in ways you might not want:

  1. We Are Addicted to Distraction
  2. We Ignore Our Flesh and Blood
  3. We Crave Immediate Approval
  4. We Lose Our Literacy
  5. We Feed on the Produced
  6. We Become Like What We “Like”
  7. We Get Lonely
  8. We Get Comfortable in Secret Vices
  9. We Lose Meaning
  10. We Fear Missing Out
  11. We Become Harsh to One Another
  12. We Lose Our Place in Time

12 Ways your Phone Is Changing You  by Tony Reinke, John Piper